Welcome to the course, Doctrine 1. This is the second part of a two-part course on the Doctrines of the Bible. Some of the doctrines covered in the course are that of Satan and Demons, Man, Predestination, Salvation, etc… The textbooks for the course are the King James Bible and “All the Doctrines of the Bible” by Herbert Lockyer. You will need a copy of each before beginning this course. May God bless you as you learn is our prayer.


Doctrine 2 Course Guide, Assignments, and Attendance

The course guide gives the student a brief explanation of the course to include the work that is to be completed and turned in to the college. Please see link below.

The assignment sheet shows the student exactly what work needs to be completed by week number. Please see link below.

The attendance sheet is a record that must be filled out and signed. It will be sent back to the college with the test and papers. Please see link below.

Doctrine 2 Course Guide

Doctrine 2 Assignment Sheet

Doctrine 2 Attendance Sheet


Doctrine 2 Videos

Now that you have your textbook, King James Bible, course guide, assignment sheet, and attendance sheet, you are ready to begin your course. The videos are listed below. Please watch each video in order by week number. Each video is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Once you have completed the last video, you are ready to take your test. Please follow the instructions given on your packet to retrieve it. Your test and papers should be sent to the college together. You should receive your final grade in about 2 weeks.

Enjoy your course!!!

Doctrine 2 Videos

Doctrine 2 Week 1 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 1 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 2 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 2 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 3 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 3 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 4 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 4 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 5 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 5 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 6 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 6 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 7 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 7 Class 2

Doctrine 2 Week 8 Class 1          Doctrine 2 Week 8 Class 2