Titus Baptist Seminary offers the following undergraduate degrees.

Associate of Theology  –  This degree consists of twenty (20) courses (60 semester hours) taken from the list below.  It will take approximately two (2) years to complete.

Bachelor of Theology  –  This degree consists of the forty (40) courses (120 semester hours) listed below and takes approximately four (4) years to complete. 

Each course that is completed earns the student three (3) semester hours.  To stay on schedule, the student will need to complete two (2) courses every nine (9) weeks equal to a mini-mester at TBS.  The mini-mester consists of eight (8) weeks of video classes and one (1) week to take the test.  This schedule allows the student to complete ten (10) courses per year with a week or so break between each mini-mester.  The student has the option to move slower than the time given by the schedule though it is recommended to stay as close to the time as possible.  A maximum of twelve (12) courses per year can be completed by the student with a passion to get finished. 

List of Courses By Year                                                            

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

The Pentateuch

Poetical Books 1

Minor Prophets

Hebrews 1

Historical Books 1

Poetical Books 2

Romans 1

Hebrews 2

Historical Books 2

Acts 1

Romans 2


Gospels 1

Acts 2

Church Epistles

Revelation 1

Gospels 2

Major Prophets

Pastoral Epistles

Revelation 2


Christian Missions

General Epistles

Prayer 1

Homiletics (men only)

Pastoral Theology (men only)

Public Speaking

Prayer 2

Teach Teacher Teach (women only)

Christian Womanhood (women only)

Church Administration

Defending the King James


Baptist History

English 1

Bible Based Counseling 1

Doctrine 1

Cults and False Religions

Bible Geography

Bible Based Counseling 2

Doctrine 2

The Comforter